Parallel Compression.

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Thought it would be about time that I got down and did some of these tasks for my production class. Firstly, I have decided to go with parallel compression. Parallel is also known as upward compression or “New York Compression”

Parallel Compression is essentially the mixing or a dry maybe even slightly compressed track with another of the same audio signal that is heavily compressed.

Here I shall start you off with some examples. Here is the drum track that I shall be using on this.

Drum track sent to its own channel (I’ve called mine Kit) send it out to its own clean unaffected channel. In this instance I’ve called mine DRUMS. Once you have the dry track sorted it is time to create the parallel track.

Do this by sending your ‘DRUM’ track out on a bus into the track you are going to apply the compressor to. There are other ways to doing this, however, I find this the easiest as you can have total control over the amount of signal you send to the compressor.


Fig 1. Bus setup. Drums and Para Drums

Here is the effected track only. With heavy compression.

This was achieved by reducing the threshold and increasing the ratio and which the compressor is to work. As you can hear this track does not have as much life as the original track. Most of the high end transients have been squashed by the compressor. However, the low end dynamic of the kick as well as the punch can be heard more apparent within the one track.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 15.51.56

fig.2 Compressed track settings and solo’d.

Finally, using the Bus 3 send dial you can mix in the effected drums. For this I chose to send -7.0 db to the effected track to add a little bit of punch to the orignal kick track as shown in figure 3.


Here is what my final parallel compressed drums sound like.

This effect can be used on other instruments like bass guitar and vocals. The process is more or less the same for them. However, I use it mostly on drums.

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