Innovation in Music Guitar Project

Innovation in Music Guitar Project

Week One

This is the first week of my project and after submitting my introduction of the project to G.Weir I was given the go ahead as my ideas were clear and straight forward. The main target of the project is to take what is a traditional set of guitar and creating something new and innovative by merging both new and old technologies to create a new concept guitar.

By the end of the project I hope that this would be the basis and foundation for a new business using my new creation as a flagship instrument to start this.

The promotion, business and technological advancements in music are all things that will be important factors running alongside the main idea. To me this is what shall be a driving force behind my project as I enjoy keeping up-to date with the on goings in the industry and I can really hone in my past experiences to assist on this.

A-top of this the creative side of this project shall be quite exciting and straight forward to me using my new creation/concept to create new music. For this I shall be able to use my knowledge gained from my time at Edinburgh Napier that I have built upon in order to record, produce, mix and master. This shall be presented as a 3 track EP showing the various uses and advantages of using the guitar.

To get the ball rolling with the guitar I must first decide on a guitar and effects.

I came across this video when researching current into guitars with different effects built in and uses.

Pretty cool use of the guitar. Just a shame that you don’t actually see him using it in the traditional manner.

Despite similar ideas being used I have yet to find a guitar that combines the two functions that I intend to use and I’d like to acquire a patient for the concept of my project.

This would add to the exclusivity of my innovation. Allowing the product to stay unique and desirable.


J Park