First teaser clip of bass demo to come.

J Park – 20/2/14

Thought I’d try my hand at a bit of dubstep meets Nine Inch Nails.

J Park -12/02/14

One of my favourite pieces of work. All parts of the song (aside from lyrics done by Pete) were by myself.

Quite possibly one of the most poppy pieces I have written. Released as part of the Flying Man Shark self titled album [released oct 11′] which has had airplay around the world.

Flying Man Shark – Just a Habit

J Park – 11/02/14

This piece feat. Andy Sellar (guitar) came as part of a metal jam on a sunny afternoon in 09′. Was the first time I’d improvised properly over any recording.

J Park – 10/02/14

After a long time of looking I have managed to find a live recording of a performance at the lemon tree.

5 piece  jazz band called Butters and Jazz.

J Park – 10/02/14

This track was recorded about 3 years ago after a long day with my good friend Pete.
Its essentially just a loop but has about 8 guitar tracks at once.

If anyone can offer some ideas how to separate some of them out that would be awesome. I had tried but it just alienates them.

J Park – 11/01/13